The Middle East in early 2020

On this trip I am planning my first visit to Israel, Jordan and Egypt, potentially further countries south of Egypt.
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My Itinerary:
10-Jan-2020: Starting in the Hunsrück
10-Jan-2020: Rome
11-Jan-2020: Flight to Tel Aviv
12-Jan-2020: Sightseeing in Tel Aviv
13-Jan-2020: Tel Aviv to lake Galilee
14-Jan-2020: To the Lebanese border
15-Jan-2020: Heifa
16-Jan-2020: Haifa to Jerusalem
17-Jan-2020: Day trip to Bethlehem
18-Jan-2020: Sightseeing in the old town
19-Jan-2020: Jerusalem to northern Jordan
20-Jan-2020: Irbid to Amman